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Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation

Peaceful Hearts is located in the Town of Georgina, one hour north of Toronto and was founded by Karin Bauer Cacciola in June 2017.The Cacciola family's personal journey helped Karin become more aware of the increased need for support for special needs families, day and weekend programs,overnight respite and reduced wait lists for services. There is no Model in York Region to provide overnight respite for individuals after the age of 18yrs living with ventilators ,feeding tubes & bi pap devices. Medically complex in our terms can also be defined a very delicate individual that requires nurses care as well. Peaceful Hearts will ensure that every individual and family with ............ special needs have an opportunity to experience their personal value in a supportive, caring, fun, life enhancing and skill building environment built on advocacy, community education and partnership where quality of life is the core. Special needs graduate from the school system at 21yrs of age. What will so many of them do or become? How will parents survive ? Overnight respite services providing night nurses are finished at the age of 18yrs in York Region . So many are left with no where to turn, there is no Model to provide this level of care in York Region. Peaceful Hearts is about to change that! please check our website regularly to see our upcoming information and the launching of our Sponsorship and Pillars of support. Your kindness and support is greatly appreciate in every way to move this New Model forward in York Region today! Families stay close a MIRACLE IS ON ITS WAY!
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation1 month ago
There are many families left with questions , no funding ..no respite ...no where to turn !

Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation was created to support and fill much needed gaps.

Every donation counts as we move forward to create our Day /weekend programs in York Region for 2018!

From our Hearts 💕 to yours we thank you for every Donation , moving us forward ⭐️
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
W5: Caring for severely disabled children as they age
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Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation shared Great Big Story's video.2 months ago
Families share there journeys!
Community support is everything ❤️
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
Great Big Story
Born with a rare neurological condition, no one expected Lucas Aldrich to be able to compete in triathlons. But with the help of his big brother, Noah, the two can cross any finish line.
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation2 months ago
Every little bit of progress counts!
Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
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Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
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