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    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation

    Peaceful Hearts is located in the Town of Georgina, one hour north of Toronto and was founded by Karin Cacciola in June 2017. The Cacciola family's personal journey helped Karin become more aware of the increased need for support for special needs families, day and weekend programs and reduced wait lists for services. Peaceful Hearts will ensure that every individual and family with ... special needs have an opportunity to experience their personal value in a supportive, caring, fun, life enhancing and skill building environment built on advocacy, community education and partnership where quality of life is the core. Special needs graduate from the school system at 21yrs of age. What will so many of them do or become? How will parents survive ? www.peacefulhearts.ca
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Krista Carr, Executive Vice President of Inclusion Canada, appeared virtually today before the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities (HUMA) and speaking to Bill C-22, the Canada Disability Benefit Act.

    Krista emphasized the importance for the committee to not delay and pass Bill C-22 as quickly as possible so we can move on to the regulation phase, together at the table with government to design the Benefit and the delivery of the program.

    A portion of her remarks are below:

    "Bill C-22 is a historic opportunity to address the income insecurity of people with disabilities in Canada. It is important to get this right… It is well overdue that our government prioritizes the reduction of poverty for people with disabilities with the Canada Disability Benefit."

    "73% of working age adults with an intellectual disability who live on their own are living in poverty, compared to 23% of those in the same age cohorts among the general population. This is truly unacceptable."

    "People with disabilities are choosing between paying their rent and buying food; they are taking risks with their health and safety; they are unable to access treatment and personal support."

    "Pervasive ableism, discrimination and legislative poverty are very real issues people with disabilities battle every day. They can’t get ahead and remain far below the poverty line."

    "Bill C-22 sends a clear message to people with disabilities that this country will no longer allow people with disabilities to struggle to live a life with dignity. How we treat people with disabilities in our society reflects our values as a nation, and we have an opportunity to do better."

    "Our view is that we have an opportunity before us now to get foundational legislation framework enacted into law."

    "Passing the bill now will allow the regulatory process to begin in earnest and for the disability community to be part of shaping the benefit and enabling the consultation that is still on-going to finish."

    "The quick passing of Bill C-22 and the design of the Canada Disability Benefit through the regulations is Canada’s opportunity to uphold its commitments under the UNCRPD and ensure the full participation of persons with disabilities in society."

    "No one in Canada should have to live a life in poverty, especially as a result of having a disability. Let’s please get this done."
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    In this week’s edition of Update Friday, the Ontario government reduces ODSP clawbacks on work income, read our new housing advocacy guide, register for our next Community of Practice session and more. Read the full edition: bit.ly/3gjtY3i
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
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    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Sponsors with ❤️make us thrive 💯
    We are beyond greatful as we have continued support in all we do since the beginning ⭐️👏
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation
    We are excited for our 3rd annual fundraiser event in our beautiful Studio this Sunday Nov20th /22
    11-4pm ⭐️🎄🎅👏
    Come check our Holiday Market out! Trust us.… you won’t be leaving empty handed 🤩👇
    Peaceful Hearts Georgina Foundation


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